‘The power of awareness. Awareness means we are in things. Exchanging with that moment. Drawing the gems, the love, the insights and the offerings of that opportunity. Learning, loving, expanding, letting go and all of the things that get activated when all our senses are in an state of awareness. Awareness parallels our instinct, intuition and knowing and opens a gateway to deeper living’…Danu  

Subtle Energy

  • the power of awareness

  • pulses of energy

  • collective energy guiding you

  • what lifts you up?

  • what makes you feel sustained and gives you clarity of mind?

  • tune in

  • make a better you

  • becoming more whole


Here are some ways NSL can inspire you to fall in love in with life again…

  1. Silence and Sound DJ Journeys - buy tickets here

  2. Energise Your Paradigm - work with me privately

  3. NSL Apparel - Amplifying energy, consciousness and love on the planet one.

Danu Lynch