‘Inspiring you into the best version of you. The best version of us is where the deeper truths exist, the fullness of who we are. The closer to the source of our heart, our truth, our feelings we are, the closer we are to our wholeness. There are plenty of surface dwellers out there living comfortably on the surface. However, what the worlds needs now is those who are willing and brave enough to dive into the deeper truths to be an example of humans living in the beauty of love through touching on all aspects of themselves, light and dark, to unify there connection to all that is, and shine that back into our global community to remind others about the power and possibility of our human existence’…Danu 

Instinct - Intuition - Knowing

  • inspiring you into the best version of you

  • instinct, intuition and knowing

  • strong, primal, innate human qualities

  • living from the essence of our feeling body

  • revisit that relationship and that trust with you

  • you and your higher-self - wholeness

  • bring through healthy, stable, aligned thoughts

  • holding strength in the fullness of who we are


Here are some ways NSL can inspire you to fall in love in with life again…

  1. Silence and Sound DJ Journeys - buy tickets here

  2. Energise Your Paradigm - work with me privately

  3. NSL Apparel - Amplifying energy, consciousness and love on the planet.

Danu Lynch