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Giving back

It is essential for us to have an authentic give back framework. These four charities and foundations represent what we feel are naturally aligned with our philosophy, vision and intention. The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers is about our belief in the necessary support of ancient tradition, ceremony, prayer and working with the elements to energise a more holistic existence. Animals Australia is about bringing awareness too, and caring for our animal kingdom as another sacred component of life on earth…Danu

Indigenous Grandmothers
 Animals Australia
Joyful Heart Foundation

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The Joyful Heart Foundation is about supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse and bringing back a deeper sense of harmony within our human connection. Our support for 4Ocean is essential as an ocean lover and a strong believer in the healing power of the ocean and its properties as a key natural element. All these charities assist with the intention of healing in one way or another, by bringing the energy of love and presence into the core focus of their work. Focusing energy, consciousness and love where it is needed to bring this planet into a more natural, balanced and heart centred experience for all...Danu