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Danu Lynch founder of Natural State Living.
Intuitive Healer, DJ and teacher of the energy of love.
Welcome to our site and the Natural State Living Movement; Amplifying energy, consciousness and love on the planet. Here at NSL we connect, create and contribute with the intention to inspire you to fall in love with life again.

’Find the Sacred Current in life - love’...Danu


Living from the core of who we are; energy, consciousness and love.

Sydney - Byron Bay - California



To inspire you to fall in love with life again by living in your natural state and being who you love to be.

To amplify energy, consciousness and love on the planet through self-love and universal wholeness.

NSL - teaching alignment through love.

’Feel the frequency of you'…Danu

From Danu’s guides…
‘you are here to carry your humanity and community to higher frequency - you make an effort to bring back natural order in all levels of life - this is your gift to mankind’…



Love has always felt natural and been a core focus. Kindness has always felt innate. A life and soul journey of karmic, familial and deep emotional fractures, and a willingness to heal these through wholeness, pure connection and spiritual guidance has lead me to find strength, contentment and richness in my life and on my healing journey. With a soul level devotion to emotional strength and emotional wellness, paralleled side by side with the philosophy of Natural State Living, I now feel years of inner work has a clear pathway of service, integrity, depth and wisdom that comes from true transformation and life experiences. This is my purpose. Allowing NSL, my heart and love to inspire new energy, connection and possibility within you.

’Soul level living’…Danu